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Parents matter in prevention

The New Milford Prevention Council believes that families and communities are the key in substance abuse prevention. We know that families matter, and that families that talk early and often about drugs and alcohol, and about everything, have better outcomes and have kids who are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Also, if and when teens in these families do engage in risky behaviors, they are more likely to go to their parents for help. Michael Pantalon, founder of the Center for Progressive recovery at Yale, points out the importance of open, exploratory conversations with teens, “If a child admits he’s using drugs, parents tend to become afraid, judgmental, angry, or punishing. If they do, the conversation is over. Parents should remember that the answers to the questions are not as important as the the fact that parents and kids are are communicating and creating trust and staying connected.” Once the conversation is started, your teen will know that it’s OK to come to you to talk about this stuff. For tips on having this conversation, take a look at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Parent Toolkit

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