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Minutes From December Meeting

Minutes of New Milford Substance Abuse Council Meeting:  December 21, 2017


Present:  Erica Keane, Katy Francis, Kathy Hanley, Beth Trott, MaryJane Lundgren, Michael Gold, Judy O’Callaghan, Diane Swanson, Crystal Terrillion, Andrea Wilson, Joan Wyner, Valerie Ferrante, Jessica Adams, Debra Mantegazza, Sargent Katie Massicotte, Officer Parziale, Officer Locascio


Absent: Megan Lyon, Peg Molina, Andrea Wilson, Detective Flockhart, Reverend Jack Gilpan, Scott Hoffman, Morgan Cosentino, Justin Cullmer, Jason O’Connor, Carly Brill.


New Members were introduced:  1. Crystal Terrillion, PTO president, NM High School, 2.  Jessica Adams, LCSW, Life of Purpose Treatment Center.  3.  Debra Mantegazza, LCSW counselor representing Jason O’Connor from the Youth Agency


Old Business

  • DIRT:  John Morello is coming to the high school and middle school on January 31st, with February 1st being a snow day.  7th and 8th graders will have separate shows, the high school will have one show and there will be an evening show for free for parents. He is a one man show, and not just a lecture. He got into this after his brother overdosed.
  • Online Survey.  The PTO parent can blast it to parents in the high school and other schools.  HVCASA evaluator created this to get adult’s perception of what the youth is doing. We have 84 results as of last meeting. Erica to send it out to the council again.  A sub-committee will be formed to put together results. Interested council members are:  Jessica, MaryJane, Diane, Erica, Joan and Kathy. Kathy will help us go through the data.
  • Billboard on Rt. 7.  $2725 includes the artwork.  It can be up for 4 weeks.  They create the artwork.  We can get a second one because we are non-profit. We may use the grant money for this and put something on opiates on the second one. Erica mentioned that SAMSA may have artwork also.
  • Project Purple:  We will be getting approval at Park and Rec to decorate the green.  We want to make sure we don’t overlap with the Aplastic Anemia Week.  We will have to get moving once we get our date.  We want more on having the town businesses, paper and schools involved this year.  The subcommittee for Project Purple is Beth and her student.  HVCASA will get us supplies and we hope to have a banner and T-shirts.
  • “Angst” is coming here February 26th.  Snow day is February 28th.





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New Business

  • Additional $5000 Grant. Erica applied for that money through the state. All monies have to be spent by April 15th.  The status of the application at this point is unknown.  Seven  deliverables have to be met.  Erica made a list of what we are already doing and ideas of what we can do as long as they fit parameters of what the grant requires.


  1. Implementing substance abuse prevention and behavioral health promotion initiatives within our community. We are already doing some of this.
  2. We have a parent volunteer and SADD students.  Also, Project Purple.
  3. WESTCONN will be hosting an Opioid forum in March, 2018.   Educate local pharmacists, doctors, dentists, veterinarians on the CT Prescription Monitoring and Reporting System. (CPMRS)
  4. Educate local pharmacists, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, on the CT Prescription Monitoring and Reporting System.
  5. Research contacts of these docs and pharmacists in NM. SADD students
  6. Our council can either pay someone from the grant money to deliver information on how the CPMRS works or use some of our contacts.

Jessica can help as she is out in the community and a parent also can help.

  1. Engage community providers in promotion of CPMRS use among prescribers.
  2. Local businesses can host a lunch/round table and we can sponsor it. Mini focus groups.
  3. HVCASA can see if pharmacy companies are interested in teaching about CPMRS.
  4. Distribute OUD information to parents through schools and other venues.
  5. Using NMPS to send out “The Educator” to the parents in town. We are going to be sending more information out through the schools.  HVCASA is doing a winter lock up your meds/ use of drop boxes day.  SAMSA will send brochures.  We are looking for a way to get this info out to parents. Keeping seniors safe:  This will be a drug take back day in February for seniors at the senior center. A TRIAD: keeping seniors safe program MaryJane to talk to Social Services about collaborating it with our council and TRIAD.  Also advertise about the police department drop box.  We want to make a new flyer:  Make it a one sheet flyer that tells about the council and can show where in CVS and Big Y one can get the disposable bags for meds.  Kathy to send us a sample flyer.  We can use all or parts of it.
  6. Using twitter to send out PSA’s and for students to put these in Green Wave . One PSA is almost done on suicide and depression. We discussed putting PSA’s at Bank


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Street Theater.  The PSA has to be a certain format.  Katy to check and see if the one made can fit the format at Bank Street.  PSA’s are 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  1. Youth to Youth: See number 5a.
  2. Collaboration with Regional Action Councils and other DMHAS prevention contractors as directed by DMHAS to host and advertise opioid addiction and overdose prevention and education opportunities and Naloxone administration trainings made available by DMHAS.
  3. The “effects of pharming.” This talks about the pharming effects of prescription drug misuse.   This is presented by a group from Ohio.  They are coming to Waterbury in early February.  We can share cost of their overnight and see if they can present here also.  The cost is $3600 for the trainer and is for up to 15 students.  A presentation will be made by students after the training.  The PTA may be able to help with the cost.

Also, January 9th, Allison from HVCASA and Michael Gold are going to the rotary club to give a presentation on substance abuse prevention.

  1. Narcan Training to be planned.
  2. Project Purple: Confirming a date not to be conflicted with Julia’s Wings.  Possibly March 4th.  Chasing the Dragon:  could do the same week. (by the DEA and Justice Dept.)
  3. Work with Community leaders to include opioid overdose prevention and safe storage. (Covered above).
  4. Utilize the state campaign message/images made available by DMHAS to develop and distribute local awareness aimed at increasing awareness of OUD. (Covered above).


  • “Walk and Talk.” “A Community Conversation for families and individuals.”  Each month, The Pratt Center in collaboration with New Milford Hospital will be asking different professionals to be a special guest and join them at The Pratt Center in their outdoor “adventure” around the lower fields of The Pratt Center. It will be every 3rd Sunday and any questions can be asked of the professionals.  Who would they want to invite?  This will be further discussed.


Next meeting and calendar for 2018.  It was decided that the same date and time works for the council, so next meeting is January 18th.  Erica to send out a 2018 calendar.


Minutes respectfully submitted by


Joan S. Wyner, LCSW


Updated: January 17, 2018 — 2:03 pm

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