New Milford Substance Abuse Prevention Council

Information, articles & videos available for teens and their families


Join us for coffee and conversation.
September 28th, 7- 8:30
at Sarah Noble Intermediate School, cafe

The evening schedule is as follows:

Doors Open at 6:30

7:00- 8:30 Local resource tables available all evening
7:05-7:25- Presentation of results from the attitudes and behavior survey taken by last year’s 8th, 10th and 12 graders
7:25-8:10- Break out into small groups for discussion “world cafe” style. Every 10 minutes discussion will switch gears. Each group will cover 5 main topics presented by a group leader from the prevention council. Discussion
8:15-8:30- Regroup and discuss ideas that were presented and initiatives we are already working on for this year.

What we hope to happen:

Community members will have a chance to discuss concerns they have about alcohol, drug, and depression trends amongst our youth in our town. At the end of the community discussion, we are hoping to have action plans to put in place to help the children in our community make positive decisions.

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