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Relapse Prevention

Most people who struggle with addiction will have one or more relapses – the return to drug use after a drug-free period – during their ongoing attempts to recover. Relapse is often a part of recovery and is not a failure. Relapse is not a good thing, but if you relapse, do not give up. See below for tips to prevent relapse and recover after relapse.

NIDA what is relapse?

Even though relapse is often part of recovery, it has to be taken seriously. For people recoverying from addiction to opioids, relapse can be dangerous and there is a high risk of overdose during a relapse. People in recovery from opioid addiction should be aware of this high risk, take all steps to avoid relapse; and be sure their friends and loved ones carry a Narcan kit (see Narcan tab under reources on our website) Overdose risk

Relapse Prevention-Make your sobriety last:
1. Find support: Connect with other sober people
2. Identify and control YOUR triggers and manage cravings (There are medications that block cravings, you can ask your doctor or treatment provider about this)
3. Participate in aftercare (Support groups, sober living, etc.)
4. Build a meaningful life without drugs

Relapse prevention relapse prevention


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